Our company

Founded in 1972 as producer of flat safety glass, acquired experience and sophisticated technologies have enabled Hard Glass to specialize in the production of special glazing for different applications such as automotive, architecture, marinem special vehicles, and become a leader in the sector in just a few years.

The Company vaunts a highly specialized technical staff that keeps constantly in step with the changing needs of this sector in continual evolution. By integrating the skills and experience of its operatives with advanced technology, research and stringent controls, Hard Glass pursues the most secure course of development towards perpetual progress and perfection.

The Company's premises in Villafranca Padovana occupy 14,000 square meters, 6,000 of which are dedicated to production. Thanks to the research applied so far and a constant commitment to the use of only the most technologically advanced instruments of production, Hard Glass is a dynamic company in constant growth that is capable of offering its clients a complete range of qualified and innovative products in the widest compositions, shapes and sizes.

Proud of this long experience in the field of glass, Hard Glass has proven capable of keeping in tune with the times offering reliable products and increasing its sales in numerous European nations, following the need of its clients with the closest attention and adapting its production to the needs of newer and more demanding markets. The certification of the products obtained in Italy is completed with the tests prescribed by other countries to which the Company exports its products.