Bow glass curved glass

HARD GLASS is extremely proud to position its BOW GLASS products at the top of its productions, because perfect curved glass always provides enormous satisfaction to both the producer and the construction engineers, while transforming most daring project to something astonishing.

BOW GLASS lends itself to many applications : special vehicles , marine, architecture, interiors design.

The bending process developed permits amazing aestethic solutions for every glass product. HARD GLASS produces BOW GLASS in single panels, laminate, and toughened and heated versions.

LAMINATED CURVED GLASS combines all features of glass with considerable strength, thanks to the assembly of two or more glass sheets with layers of special plastic (also available in different colours) which after heating and compression come to form a single, inseparble body that is naturally more resistant and safer.

LAMINATED/BULLET-PROOF CURVED GLASS is available in 2-3-4 or more sheets, and with the insertion of plastic materials such as polycarbonate. Bear in mind that the thickness must always be reasonably proportional to the panel's size and requisites (accident-prevention, safety, bulletproof).

CHEMICALLY TEMPERED LAMINATED GLASS :Chemical tempering allows to realize almost any curved shape adding reinforcement to the glass sheets and making these glass panels suitable for all those applications where aesthetic and safety must be accompanied by an excellent mechanical strength.

INSULATING CURVED GLASS is produced by assembling two or more curved parnels of even different type and thickness with a dry air chamber and then joining the panels together by using a special appropriately sealed spacer. In this way, curved insulating glass panels with exceptional thermal and sound insulation properties are created with all the BOW GLASS aesthetic features to make a product that is truly unique in its kind.

All the types indigated above are are also available in reflecting, coloured, sandblasted versions.

Different types of bending are possible:
CYLINDRICAL with constant radius
CYLINDRICAL linking a nuber of different radius