CALORIT C Coated Electrically Heated Glass Panels

Heating CALORIT C glass panels are laminates composed by two or more plates of normal or tempered glass that are joined together by a plastic interlayer, one of the glass sheets is provided with a layer of transparent electrically-conductive material. The uniform distribution of the passage of electric current and the high heating powers achievable ensure homogeneous heating without fogging, even after sudden changes in temperature.

The main characteristics of electrically heated glass panels CALORIT C can be summarized as follows:
Laminated toughened glass heated by depositing of electrically-conductive couche. The conductive couche instead of wired net completely avoids any optical distortion due to heating elements.

Current supply:CALORIT C glass panels can be fed within a range from 24 to 440 volts. Heating power (watt/dm2) of the glass panels is granted according to the customer's needs and to the requirements of international standard ISO 3434.
Each glass panel is equipped with its own regulation device, which permits to maintain temperatures at the required level and to avoid overheating of the glass surface itself. Electrically heated glass panels CALORIT C are being supplied to the most important ships built throughout Europe and all over the world.

According to the shipyard/customer requirements, glass sheets are submitted to punch test or hydrostatic test according to ISO 614 and ISO 21005.
The most severe controls of the manufacturing process grant the highest quality standard, having Hard Glass obtained ISO 9001 certification.
Each delivery is supplied together with the Company declaration of conformity to the order and with the certificates issued by the requested homologation offices.
Each glass panel is granted by Hard Glass according to ISO 3434.

maximum sizes 2400 x 3800 mm
thicknesses da 7 a 30 mm according to sizes
voltage da 24 V a 440 V - CC
power da 2 W/dm2 a 21 W/dm2
glass plates Annealed, thermally toughened, clear , reflective, coloured
Version flat and bent

Special glass working and treatment are available upon request.