CALORIT F is a heated panel formed by two or more plates of annealed or toughened glass that contain numerous, fine electric wires that are almost imperceptible to the human eye.
The defogging system inside the laminated glass panel provides perfect transparency and ensures visibility under all weather conditions.

CALORIT F proves very useful in several fields, such as building applications, special transport vehicles, trains, boats and ships, cold store cabs, snow vehicles.
Thanks to the possibility to chose thickness of the glass panel, colour, shape (flat or bent) and electric performances, CALORIT F can be supplied for lots of applications. Our technical staff is at the customer' s disposal to develop CALORIT F glass panels that can satisfy any needs according to the applications desired.

CALORIT F can be made up of laminated polycarbonate sheets, too.
Polycarbonate sheets offer the best protection against breakage and grant a better thermal insulation than glass. This product combines the mechanical properties of polycarbonate together with the best transparency under any weather condition. The surfaces of these panels are adequately coated to resist to abrasion, UV rays and chemical agents. The choice of this product must be taken into account when there is need for lightweight, since the weight of polycarbonate is 50% lower than glass.


CALORIT F can perform better thermal insulation when supplied in insulating units.

maximum sizes 2000 x 3200 mm
thicknesses da 6 a 45 mm accordin to sizes
voltage da 12 V a 220 V - CC
power da 1,5 W/dm2 a 5 W/dm2
Sheets Float glass, scratch resistant polycarbonate sheets
Glass plates Annealed, thermally or chemically toughened, clear , reflective, coloured
Versions flat and curved