Guardian glass polycarbonate

GUARDIAN is a multilayered transparent laminate with extremely high ballistic protection and break-in resistance. GUARDIAN glass sheets are made up of one or more layers of polycarbonate assembled in a single unit with numerous panels of glass through the use of special urethane films. GUARDIAN is a truly innovative, revolutionary product that makes the security offered by safety glass virtually absolute. Its special property lies in the maximum utilization of the characteristics of the polycarbonate that is inserted between the glass panels. Polycarbonate is known as a high-performance plastic technopolymer that offers amazing elasticity, resistance to pressure, and is almost completely unbreakable. Continual research adopted for safer glazing and reduced thickness allows HARD GLASS GUARDIAN sheets to offer the best performances for several application, from architecture to armoured vehicles .

1. GUARDIAN AS. Panel in unbreakable version with central polycarbonate insert.
2. GUARDIAN S (LOW SPALL). Unbreakable, bulletproof version with polycarbonate coated with a thin layer of glass.
3. GUARDIAN NS (NO SPALL). Unbreakable, bulletproof version with external scratch-resistent, splinter-proof polycarbonate.

The NO SPALL GUARDIAN panels grant full protections of people thanks to the final policarbonate layer that completely eliminates any splinter effect. The great and continual supplies of GUARDIAN compounds in the field of armoured vehicles is the reward for the high quality of the products both for long life-cycle and high security performances.

GUARDIAN IMPROVES LUMINOSITY: This additional feature is provided thanks to the particular transparency of its plastic components and the decreased thickness of the laminate at equivalent levels of ballistic performance. All GUARDIAN products are certified according to EN 1063.

Product nameGuardian BR1 NSGuardian BR2 NSGuardian BR3 NSGuardian BR4
Guardian BR4 Plus NSGuardian BR6 NS
LevelBR1BR2BR3BR4BR4 PlusBR6
Caliber0,22LR9mm Luger0,357 Magnum0,44 Rem. Magnum7,62 x 397,62 x 51
Mass (g)2,6 +/-0,18,0 +/-0,110,2 +/-0,115,6 +/-0,17,979,5 +/-0,1
Energy (j)175640955151820203288
Distance (m)10 +/- 0,55 +/- 0,55 +/- 0,55 +/- 0,510 +/- 0,510 +/- 0,5
Shot speed (m/s)360 +/- 10400 +/- 10430 +/- 10440 +/- 10713 +/-10830 +/-10
Shot n.333333
Shot distance (mm)120 +/- 10120 +/- 10120 +/- 10120 +/- 10120 +/- 10120 +/- 10