Multifloat laminated glass

Laminated glass combines characteristics of strength, resilience, and safety with its traditional qualities of transparency, inalterability and duration.

Hard Glass produces MULTIFLOAT in a range of different versions to cover the widest needs of the construction industry.
Everyone knows that the fragility of single panel glass poses a limit on the creativity of the designer due to the risks of accidental breaking.
Its characteristic shattering into jagged fragments is dangerous enough when these shards fall out of the frame and strike people, and even worse if anyone fall against the glass. Effective accident-prevention and barrier effects can both be achieved at the same time only with the use of LAMINATED GLASS.
HARD GLASS produces its MULTIFLOAT glass to respond to these specific needs.
MULTIFLOAT is a laminated glass panel produced through the application of high pressure and heating. The pvb interlayer acts as a binder between the various panels to create a single, inseparable body that is both thicker and more resilient at the same time.

Glass produced in this way is characterized by greater shock resistance, sound absorption and insulation, and safety because the pvb interlayer increases resilience to reduce the risks caused by breaking. When struck with sufficient force, the glass breaks into a fine network of cracks, but the glass fragments remain solidly attached to the pvb film and continue to provide a barrier against atmospheric agents. Laminated glass is relatively light and permits use over wide, even horizontal surfaces, while its crystal-clear transparency never alters.
MULTIFLOAT produced by HARD GLASS achieves the necessary safety levels because its modular structure permits adaptation to the plans if the installer. The total thickness and composition of the laminate may be selected on the basis of the type and degree of protection required.

ANTI-CRIME PROTECTION This level of protection covers laminated glass that must not permit penetration during robbery. Laminated glass is subjected to impact test according to international Standard EN 356.

BULLETPROOF PROTECTION Products covered under this classification are those built specifically to resist the impact of a bullet and prevent its passage through the glass.MULTIFLOAT has obtained official certifications according international Standard EN 1063. The required objective is the prevention of human injury by both the bullet and the jagged splinters of glass. The first level of protection is defined as BULLETPROOF LAMINATE, the second is know as BULLETPROOF, SPLINTER-PROOF GLASS.
MULTIFLOAT has obtained official certifications according international Standard EN 1063.