Electrically heated glass Calorit - Overview

When transparency assumes fundamental importance in particular atmospheric conditions or specific industrial applications, the use of CALORIT is required .
CALORIT is the defogging glass that always provides perfect transparency. The special construction and vehicle industry often requires glass products with special characteristics.
CALORIT provides the best response that Hard Glass is capable of giving for the satisfaction of all these specific needs.
Strict international standards have been specified for the glass surfaces to be installed in watercrafts that prescribe precise dimensions, thicknesses, and the maintenance of total visibility under all weather conditions.

CALORIT also proves necessary in the special transport vehicle sector, and in industrial furnishing design for display units, counters, and refrigeration cells.
Heating CALORIT glass panels are laminates composed by two or more annealed or toughened glass sheets (provided with additional chemical reinforcement if required) that are joined together by a plastic interlayer.
CALORIT panels can be made with flat, bent, transparent, tinted, or reflecting glass plates.

The CALORIT "C" version is created by depositing a layer of electrically-conductive material between the glass plates composing the panel. The uniform distribution of the passage of the electric current and the high heating powers achievable ensure homogeneous heating without fogging, even after sudden changes in temperature, while light transmission capacity remains virtually the same.

The CALORIT "F" is a heating panel formed by two or more plates of glass that contain numerous, fine electric wires that are almost imperceptible to the human eye which permit a homogeneous heating of the entire glassed surface. Different power supplies to be adopted in accordance with the specific needs of application can be provided upon request. Light transmission does not change in comparison with simple laminated glass panels.

CALORIT can be manufactured both in flat and curved version.